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If you’ve never seen a tree removal before, you may picture a tree that is cut near the base as workers yell, “timber!” and the entire tree tips and crashes to the ground.

While this is still a viable (if dangerous) method to remove some trees, it isn’t always possible or safe to remove them this way in neighborhoods or near buildings, roads, or landscaped areas.

Instead, we utilize specialized equipment, including cranes, to remove trees section by section.

Crane Services in Portland, Oregon,Vancouver Washington

At Portland Tree Service, we provide expert crane services at affordable prices. Our approach focuses on safety, efficiency, and minimizing environmental impact. Managing large trees requires precision and care. This is why we provide customized crane services to meet the unique needs of your project. We use the right tools to handle complex tree-related challenges. We ensure your property is pleasing to the eyes and safe in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver Washington.

Types of Crane Services We Offer

High-Reach Tree Trimming: Our cranes extend to great heights, allowing us to trim even the tallest trees safely. This service is ideal for trees too tall for traditional methods, ensuring every branch is carefully managed.

Large Tree Removal: Our crane service provides a safe and efficient removal process for trees that are too big or positioned in challenging locations. It is helpful in urban areas or tight spaces where precision is vital.


Precision Tree Cutting: Utilizing our cranes, we offer precision cutting for large trees. This service is perfect for trees that require specific cuts to maintain their health or to prepare them for safe removal.

Emergency Tree Services: Our crane services are available for rapid response in emergencies like storm damage. We safely remove fallen or hazardous trees to prevent further damage or risk.

Canopy Shaping and Management: We use cranes for canopy shaping and managing large trees. It is easy to reach the crowns of big trees and give them a shape to make your property look better. It also helps in keeping the surrounding areas safe in Portland, Oregon,Vancouver Washington

Deadwooding and Cleaning: Our crane services make removing dead or diseased branches from large trees safer and more efficient. This helps maintain the tree’s health and reduces the risk of falling branches.

Heavy Limb Support and Removal: For large trees with heavy limbs that pose a risk, our cranes provide the support needed to safely remove or secure these limbs, ensuring the safety of your property and the tree’s structure.

Structural Pruning and Thinning: This service focuses on improving the tree’s structural integrity and health. Our crane-assisted pruning and thinning remove excess branches, allowing for better air circulation and light penetration, essential for the tree’s growth and health.

Crown Reduction and Reshaping: For trees that have grown too large for their surroundings, our cranes enable us to perform crown reduction and reshaping. This careful process reduces the size of the tree’s canopy while maintaining its natural shape and appearance.

Hazardous Tree Assessment and Removal: We provide specialized crane services for assessing and removing dangerous trees, including trees that are dead, diseased, or positioned in a way that poses a risk to buildings or public safety.

Tree Transplanting: Our crane services facilitate safe and effective transplanting for large trees that must be relocated. This service is ideal for moving mature trees due to landscaping changes or construction projects.

Stump Removal and Land Clearing: After tree removal, our crane services can also assist in stump removal, which is essential for land clearing and preparing the area for new development. We ensure the removal is done cleanly and efficiently.

Utility Line Clearance: Our crane services provide safe clearance for trees near power lines or other utilities to ensure that trees do not interfere with utility services and reduce the risk of power outages or accidents.

Expert Crane Services in Portland, Oregon,Vancouver Washington

Portland Tree Service in Portland, Oregon,Vancouver Washington, is your go-to solution for all crane-related tree-cutting and trimming services. Our approach combines safety with efficiency, ensuring every job is completed with the utmost care. We handle a variety of tree sizes and types, making us a versatile choice for your tree management needs. Our crane services are designed to tackle difficult-to-reach trees, reducing the risk to property and people. Trust us to deliver reliable and effective solutions for your tree maintenance.