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Stump Grinding Service in Portland, Oregon,Vancouver Washington

Stump grinding is a challenging task that is best left to a professional. Once you’ve cut down a tree, the work isn’t over. The stump that is left behind creates an eyesore in your yard and constitutes a hazard for children and lawnmowers. Like dead trees, stumps may become decayed and diseased. Without the proper equipment, stump removal can be next to impossible. Contact us today, we will help you get rid of your unsightly stumps.

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Have Stumps in your Yard?

 Not only are remaining tree stumps a tripping hazard they can become a nuisance, an obstacle you have to maneuver around every time you mow your lawn. They take up precious yard space which could otherwise be used for lawn or attractive landscaping. 

Stumps are Ugly

While a tree is a perfect enhancement for your home, the sight of a stump can be unappealing.

If you’re meticulous about your yard and landscaping, removing the stump is well worth it.

They Grow Back

Stumps continue to grow even after the top of the tree has been removed. Suckers will sprout and roots will continue to expand which can cause damage to surrounding areas including concrete and asphalt. Also, the trees strip other surrounding plants of their nutrients, causing the plants to wither or die.. 

Stump Grinding FAQs

Got a question? We’re here to help.

Schedule a site visit today to discuss the scope of work and receive your free estimate!

If during our site visit we determine that there may be utilities located near the stump site we will be happy to call 811 to schedule a free utility locate from Clark County. This usually takes 2-3 days. 

Before our arrival it is important to make sure any access to the location of the stump is left unlocked and unobstructed. We need at least 36″ of width through all gates.  The stump site needs to be free of any debris, pavers, large rocks, planters, etc.  It is preferred if the grass isn’t over watered the day of the service. It is also always appreciated when any animal droppings are removed prior to the work day.

We remove the stumps by grinding them with our Vermeer stump grinder. Grinding them minimizes the disturbance to the surrounding landscape. Stump grinding  is the preferred method of stump removal. Stump-grinding machines shave the stump continuously, again and again, until the stump is removed to the depth agreed upon. 

When a stump is completely ground out, the end result will be a pile of mulch (wood chips & dirt mix) The size and species of stump will determine how much mulch will remain. Most homeowners choose to keep this valuable byproduct, which we use to backfill the hole left by the stump. We can haul away any unwanted mulch at an additional cost. In time, the mulch left behind will sink into the ground and firmly fill in the spot. We also rake and blow the work site for a clean and finished look.

In order to give you the most accurate estimate of your project we do not give quotes over the phone, but do offer a free site visit! 

Although most average size stumps cost $200-$350 to remove, there are many factors that go into the cost of stump removal including; the size, species, age and condition of the stump. Rocky soil or difficult access will increase the cost. All of these factors will be considered during your initial site visit. 

We have a $200 minimum charge.

If during our site visit we determine that there are utilities located near the site we will call 811 to obtain a free utility locate, this usually takes 2-3 days. The homeowner is responsible for identifying any irrigation lines or  sprinkler heads near the grinding area.

Yes! We are fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured.

Safety is our priority and we take great care to  minimize risks associated with stump removal.


Protect yourself and property by always hiring a licesed contractor. 

We accept checks, cash, Venmo, and debit/credit cards.  

Full payment is due upon completion.